Blue Steel Tool & Die, Inc.
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Our History

Blue Steel Tool & Die, Inc. (BSTD) opened for business in Union City, TN in July  of 1982, offering designing and building of progressive dies, draw dies, fixtures, jigs, EDM wire cutting and CNC machining. Bill Coleman started the business with a partner and was first located in a small building on Barham Road, parallel to highway 51 in Union City, TN.  In 1986, a new building was constructed in the Bill Cloys Industrial Park of Union City. The 5,000 square foot building quickly doubled in size the next year to 10,000 square feet. Only a few years later, the building grew to its current size of 27,500 square feet. BSTD designs and builds custom dies and machines for many local manufacturing facilities. In 2015 Bill Coleman retired from the tool and die trade and handed the reins of BSTD over to his sons, Mark Coleman and Todd Coleman, both of whom had grown up in this line of work. Due to an unpredictable economy, the two sons decided to bring their powder coating hobby in to the many other facets of the business. While many of the products we make for our industrial customers can be powder coated, this has given us an opportunity to open our doors to the public. Many automobile, motorcycle, ATV, tractor and bicycle parts can be powder coated. Household appliances and patio furniture are other examples. In late 2015 a spray booth and a 6’ x 6’ x 20’ oven was purchased so that larger objects could be accommodated. In 2018 the business moved to a new location to better serve our customers. We have built our business on the principles of producing quality work, on-time deliveries, and servicing our customer’s needs.     

What is Tool & Die? 

A die is a custom made tool used in manufacturing to cut or shape materials. Made one-at-a-time by skilled tool makers, dies shape metal in stamping and forging operations and are customized by the end user to create a specific product. Tools are used to cut and form metal and other materials. Tools and dies are fundamental to durable-goods manufacturing.   

What is Powder Coating?
Powder coating is applying a dry powder with an electrostatic spray gun to a grounded metal object.  The object is then placed in an oven where the powder will melt, flow, gel, then cure. The time and temperature will depend on the chosen powder. 
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